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As of today, I am introducing Blueprint Monday on this blog. Each Monday, I am going to share a blueprint from an automation which I am currently using myself. It can be an automation which I talked about on this site or something new.

I talked about today’s blueprint not long ago. It announces the upcoming event within a set timeframe, which you are able to enter when loading this blueprint. If the location of the event is an online service such as Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime, your speaker will talk about your next online meeting. It even recognizes scheduled Clubhouse rooms you added to your calendar. Furthermore, it reads the location and notes from the upcoming event. For the full explanation, I invite you to read the manual advanced setup for this blueprint which I published earlier this year. Read: Calendar event announcements on Nest speakers

This blueprint uses three things you should configure before loading this blueprint:

  1. A calendar configured within Home Assistant
  2. The time and date ISO sensor
  3. The Cloud TTS service from Nabu Casa

If you have already configured these three things, go ahead and load the blueprint into your Home Assistant by going to Configuration > Blueprints and copy and paste the url below.



I connected my Google Calendar. Instructions how to connect this calendar can be found in the Home Assistant documentation. You can also try CalDAV; which is a little more complicated to configure. Documentation can be found here.

Time and date ISO sensor

I use relative time in the announcement. For example, “Your event starts in 4 minutes.” To calculate this relative time easily, I use the date and time sensor in the ISO format. You can add this sensor to your configuration.yaml file. For details, see the Time and Date documentation . Below is an example with the minimum configuration needed for the announcements to work:

# Example date and time ISO sensor
  - platform: time_date
      - 'date_time_iso'

After adding and saving, check your configuration and restart Home Assistant.

Cloud TTS by Nabu Casa

The Cloud TTS service is enabled when you have a Nabu Casa subscription for your Home Assistant. If you never had a subscription, you can try it yourself the first month for free. After the first month, you pay $5 per month. This monthly fee helps improving and supporting Home Assistant. Learn more and start your 31 days free trial here!

If needed, I can make an alternative version of this blueprint with the Google Translate TTS, but personally I don’t like the voices of Google Translate very much. By paying Nabu Casa, I am supporting the development of Home Assistant and get natural sounding voices in return. But let me know if there is any need for this alternative version.