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Stuffed dogs upon a closet underneath a blue colored ledstripIt is cool to ask your assistant for the temperature outside, but it’s even cooler to see the temperature represented by an RGB light. Well, that is what I made a few months ago. It involved two sensors to calculate the color with difficult formulas. It could be interesting to read, so you can find the full explanation ‘RG lights representing the outside temperature‘ here.

Those sensors are useful if you want to have more than one light representing the outside temperature, so that you don’t have to do the calculations over and over again. But if you only want one light… Then this blueprint is for you.

This blueprint lets you choose a light and a temperature sensor to represent the temperature in celsius to an RGB light. Red is hot, orange is nice and hot, yellow is nice, green is nice and fresh, blue is fresh and white is freezing.

The blueprint

Copy and paste the following URL into the blueprint section of your Home Assistant.


The good thing about this blueprint is, it is very easy to set up and you only need two things that most of us will have already set up.

  1. A dedicate temperature sensor; hardware or template is both fine
  2. An RGB light connected to Home Assistant

This blueprint does the following:

  • It calculates a color from a temperature in celsius
  • It changes the color of the selected light after you turned it on. This way, you can still use your scenes and brightness as you used to
  • The color is recalculated often, after which the light gets updated
  • The transition time and refresh intervals are changeable in this blueprint

That’s all you need to know. Enjoy!