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Mallet Westminster Clock


A clock with the Westminster melody played on a virtual Vibraphone.



This mallet version of grandfather’s clock is played on a virtual vibraphone with soft touch. This clock plays the Westminster melodies every quarter hour and 1 to 12 for the whole hours. This clock gives you the feeling of a real clock, but with a lot less noise.


Home Assistant setup

For this clock to work, you will need the time and date sensor in ISO-format. Instructions how to add this sensor can be found in the Time and date documentation of Home Assistant.

After downloading, unzip the file and place the folder into the ‘/www/sounds’ folder from your Home Assistant. If this folders doesn’t exists, create them and restart Home Assistant.

Next, paste the following Blueprint address into the Blueprint section of your Home Assistant and follow the instructions on screen.


>> See the attached article about this clock for advanced setup

Additional information

Home Assistant Blueprint


Chimes per hour


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